Demands on photographers

blickwinkel sells high class images of professional and semi professional photographers covering the fields of nature, people (except celebrities) and reportage.

We emphasize on a creative and independant style, being open for new ideas.

We are always looking for the special, the unique image. Concerning people and reportage photography we prefer images with authentic style and conceptual composition.

We store small and medium format slides or scans. Scans should be JPG files in RGB and in maximum Photoshop quality. For a first impression you can send us small scans up to 50kb attached to your E-mail.
We do not store any TIFF or RAW files.

The relationship between photographer and agency is regulated by the terms of the photographer contract. The terms in the contract can be subject to negotiation, we'll try to meet your needs as far as possible.

In case you need further information on signing a photographer contract with us feel free to contact us at
+49 2302-2793 220 or