blickwinkel provides rights managed images only

With blickwinkel, you don't have to pay for digital shipping or service. The shipment of images is done only under our terms and conditions.

Pricing rights managed images

All licences for rights managed images are individually priced based on how the image will be used. The pricing follows the recommendations of the german "Mittelstandsgemeinschaft Foto-Marketing (MFM)". You can order them on the website of the German National Association of Press & Stock Picture Agencies (BVPA):

For image price calculation please keep the following information ready:

  • type of use (e.g. editorial use in a daily paper, advertising in a magazine)
  • circulation, print run
  • placement (e.g. title)
  • size of the image
  • period of time in which the image will be circulated

Logged-in users are forwarded to the pricing module of the order process. You will be asked to select the general use type and size for the image and then the circulation or period of time in which the image will be circulated. Before you can download any image, you have to agree to the calculated price and to the terms and conditions. If you cannot find a type of use that matches your needs, please contact us.

Apart from the normal purchasing process, you can negotiate special conditions with us. In this case, the price calculation will be bypassed.

Our discount levels for rights managed images:

  • from 10 images per project: 25%
  • from 100 images per project: 50%
  • from 1.000 images per project: 75%


Please ask for prices of reportages, edited articles or image legends - we'll make you an individual offer.

Further information

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